When you’re stopped by a complete stranger who absolutely HAS TO KNOW what fragrance you’re wearing, it certainly can boost your mood as winter’s gloomy grey clouds weigh you down. With that said, it’s finally time to swap out those fruity floral summer fragrances for something a little darker. Our top winter fragrance picks include rich notes of deep rose, wood and patchouli, to name a few, all memorable accents that leave your scent lingering long after you’ve left a room.
According to a fairly recent article posted by thefashionspot.com, “…Women are becoming less afraid to go androgynous with their fragrance and certain top selling fragrances have been a testament to that.”

Keep reading to find out which 5 fragrances have made our list!

1. Fragrances like Marc Jacobs’ DECADENCE, and 2. Georgio Armani’s SI, top our list of winter fragrances, available in both our 30ml and 55ml bottles HERE. While the Marc Jabobs fragrance has a deep sensual woody scent, not to mention delicate notes of jasmine and rose, Armani’s SI offers a lighter woody scent, with notes of vanilla and musk to perfectly compliment the overall scent of this top selling fragrance.

3. Our next favorite is well-known and well-loved among fragrance collectors – it’s Gucci’s GUILTY.
Known for its sultry oriental scent, this fragrance has deep notes of floral scents which are unlike the more summery floral scents found in fragrances like Clinique’s HAPPY. To add this incredibly luxe fragrance to your collection, shop it HERE.

4. As far as cult favorites go, Viktor and Rolf’s FLOWERBOMB, (available HERE) which launched over a decade ago, is still around and still very much a favorite among women across the globe. It’s top notes include an explosion of sweet and floral scents, which can smell differently on different people based on their ph-levels and body temperature. We stock this WOW fragrance in both 30ml and 55ml bottles, which you can select to purchase .

5. Last on our list is a well-known and extremely potent fragrance, said to envelope you in a warm spiral of rich scents that linger long after you’ve left the room – an absolute winner if you want to leave a lasting impression. It’s Paco Rabanne’s ULTRAVIOLET , with over-the-top notes of warm amber, rich jasmine and a hint of spices blended to create an intoxicating harmony – a powerful fragrance for powerful women.

While that sums up our list of favorites, the magic doesn’t stop there! We also offer our clients the option of purchasing these top fragrances in our decadent bath and shower gels, as well as our hand and body cremes – all packaged in our minimal and elegant Youghazi design as seen below.

Go on, spoil yourself with Youghazi’s fragrance collection.