200ml Hair & Scalp Treatment


The all-natural Youghazi hair and scalp treatment is infused with bayberry leave extract that helps nourish the scalp and reduces excessive hair loss. It’s excellent for dry, damaged stripped and coloured hair. This amazing treatment will help restore your hair to optimum health and thickness.

Suited to

Salon-treated or coloured hair.



The all natural smell of the treatment may assist you in relaxation as the fresh and clean herbal Bergamot, cinnamon and hint of cloves scent are out of this world.

Key ingredients

Bergamot, Lime Oil, Bay Berry, Leaves, Cloves, Cinamon

The key ingredients assist in making your hair easier to manage while the essential oils actively eliminates frizz and split ends, while improving overall hair quality, including thickness, softness and shine.

It can also be used as a replacement for wax or serums for both male and female use.

How to Apply

Spray directly onto the hair and massage into the scalp.

You may spray it directly onto your hands and massage through your hair.


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