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Chypre Reed Diffuser Refill 300ml

Chypre Reed Diffuser Refill 300ml

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NOTES | Orange Blossom • Jasmine • Rose • Patchouli • White Honey 


FRAGRANCE | A harmony of white flowers, Rose Woods and a drop of honey creates an encounter of an addictive, refined fragrance with a Mediterranean spirit. Creating a luxe ambiance in your space.


DIFFUSER REFILL | Elevate your ambiance with our reed diffuser refills, bringing in generous wafts of exquisite fragrance. Crafted from the same formulation as our original reed diffusers, the refill oil ensures a consistently robust and fine fragrance experience. To achieve the best results, don't forget to replace the reeds when refilling.


USAGE | To refill, remove the cap and use a funnel to pour oil into your diffuser vessel, avoiding spills. Insert clean reeds and wait a few days for them to absorb the oil and release the scent. Initially, there might be a noticeable oil level drop, which will decrease as reeds saturate. Flip reeds as needed to enhance the scent.


DIFFUSER CARE | For optimal performance, replace reeds every 3-6 months to prevent clogging. If scent weakens but oil remains, try new reeds, as dust may have clogged them. Room temperature impacts scent intensity; warmer rooms enhance the throw but deplete oil faster. Adjust reeds for desired strength. Avoid placing near heat sources or direct sunlight, as they can damage the oil and fragrance integrity.


WARNING | Remember to store away from direct sunlight and keep out of children's and pets' reach. After handling oil or reeds, wash your hands. The oil is flammable, so avoid lighting reeds or heating/burning the oil. Be cautious with spills on polished, painted, plastic, or leather surfaces, as they could cause damage.


300ml  10.2 fl oz e


Crafted and meticulously poured in the heart of Cape Town, each product bears the essence of our dedication to quality and attention to detail.

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